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Caratteristiche speciali

*Android 11 , processore Quad/octa core con 1,2,4,6,8 GB RAM (DDR4), 16/32/64/128 GB ROM


*Doppia interfaccia utente commutabile

*Due porte USB integrate

*Uscita audio coassiale superiore

*Schermo touch G+G premium a doppio strato

-9 pollici Risoluzione 1024*600

*Hardware automobilistico

- TDA7708 Radio STMicroelectronics

-Amplificatore TDA7388 STMicroelectronics

*Modulo WiFi integrato

*Accesso istantaneo alla retrocamera, supporta retrocamera AHD

*Supporto video 1080P

*Supporta app a 32/64 bit

* 4*45 watt di uscita

*Bluetooth 5.0 più recente

*Decodifica CANbus

*Controllo del volante

*Screen Mirroring

*Multitasking con schermo diviso

*Dissipatore di calore premium in alluminio

*Navigazione GPS accurata



*Caratteristiche opzionali (sono necessari accessori aggiuntivi)


-OBD, retrocamera , DVR, DAB+, TPMS



>> ADAS function: Lane deviation warning & Front car reminder & Front distance warning.


>> Remote control function: You can check tracking information and parking location on your phone; What's more if you buy the special DVR, you can take a picture what happen nearby your car; making your trip safe, fun, and convenient.


>>Prompt information: If you purchased V1 Pro, please contact us to purchase, we will provide an activation code for free, V1C/V1 does not support this function.



>>Just connect with your phone that make it possible for you to access map navigation, phone contacts, notification, music and more. You can wake up Siri help access those functions, in this way, you can not only reduce the boring time in driving, but also greatly increase the pleasure of driving.


>>Prompt information:V1C does not support Carplay, V1 support wired Carplay, V1Pro support wireless Carplay;



>>Built-in wired Android Auto, Google voice assistant will help throughout your day. Make calls, check your messages,reply back, use music apps, all while keeping your hands on the steering wheel.


>>Prompt information: V1C does not support Android Auto, V1 and V1 Pro support wired Android Autp;



>>Making the treble smoother, the midrange richer and the bass fuller. Support Equalizer and Position adjustment. Better sound brings better journey.


>>Prompt information: The following DSP is the picture of V1 Pro 2G+32GB version,Different versions of car radios have different DSP setting interfaces.



Buy the follow accessories to enable you to connect additional device, allowing your passengers to watch movie or play video games in the backseat.



Junsun has pre-installed offline maps and is permanently free to update



You can use navigate and other applications at the same time, such as listening to music or turning on ADAS DVR functions ect. Make operation more convenient.



When reversing the car automatically switch to the reverse screen with the parking line to ensure the safety.



1. How to use wired Carplay and wired Android Auto?

It can only be connected through a 4 Pin (4 small hole) USB cable, and then click on the "PhoneLink" or "Tlink" application in the car radio;


2. How to set steering wheel controls?

1) If there is no canbus, please refer to picture to set it;


2)if there is canbus in the package,please connect canbus first, then refer picture to to set the car model, then choose right car information, reboot, it will work automatically;


3.How to change the Boot Logo ?

Due to copyright issues, the Logo of the car brand cannot be added or modified.


4.How to connect the rear camera ?

1)Red cable ① is connected to the backup light "+"

2)black cable ② is connected to the backup light "-"

3)The reversing detection cable ④(Brown color)is connected to the red cable ③ which extending from the video input cable

4)⑤ cable does not need to be connected


Suzuki Grand Vitara 3 2005 - 2015 9" Android 11 AUTMSKZV

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